Group HR Executive

The journey to Human Resources Executive… by Aumitha Ramash

There’s no greater skill set than the ability to adapt, evolve and reinvent – to navigate away from a predictable course and head into an uncertain future.

Just as constant change is now a consistent norm for many individuals, so too can I build teams that are resilient, adaptive and able to disrupt themselves to compete and stay relevant.

21st June 1996, I stepped into an unknown career path which led to many mixed emotions and uncertainty. Being a part time student at the time, I funded my studies by working as a call centre agent. Upon completion of my qualification… I found myself leading a team of 20 Agents and four years later I was appointed as a Key Accounts Manager of 250 Agents.

The journey from a Call Centre Agent to Key Accounts Manager got me loving the Industry… although my parents were highly upset that I turned down job opportunities that were more aligned to my tertiary education.

The year 2003 brought about many heartaches and loss of jobs as a major retailer found themselves under liquidation. This never stopped me as I was able to secure positions for majority of my team and myself within the same company. Being appointed thereafter as Internal Sales and Auditing gave me the push to unlock my heart’s true career desire, which was “People.”

In the year 2006 I was appointed as Personnel Officer of which there was a non-existent HR Department. Creating a team from scratch was my most difficult challenge yet most rewarding job satisfaction. Working in HR can sometimes be challenging – but it can also be immensely rewarding.

Everyday we’re given a chance to create meaningful and lasting relationships, enhance our skills set, live our passions and solve complex problems that can impact the lives of many people.

Creating lasting relationships and a strong belief in Steve Job’s maxim “The journey is the reward” is what inspires me and brings me to work every single day with much enthusiasm.

Day in, day out, I can be juggling a whole range of spinning plates, constantly trying to make sure one doesn’t drop whilst at the same time, doing my best to support my company’s biggest asset – our people.

Today, marks 23 years I have been employed from a Call Centre Agent to the Group Human Resources Executive. Daly has not only assisted me with my career path and personal goals but has also created employment for many unemployed people. Daly has been my reason for staying in this Industry for this long as it’s a family built on solid culture and beliefs.

It doesn’t end here… my journey continues


Finance Administrator

My journey with Daly started in Mach 2010, An unforgettable year to all South Africans,  where most of the people hoped to get jobs cause it was a World Cup hosted by SA.

I started off as a cleaner with no office or call centre back round.  Before I joined Daly I was a packer and a final checker in a clothing factory. I cleaned and made tea for the Execs, Dba’s and Finance departments.  When cleaning finance office, I had to sort and keep all their papers in order and that’s where they saw the talent of keeping things in order . 

One of my dreams was to grow and learn, I showed some interest to get involved in the finance department.  At some point we all have to move a couple of steps forward. During that year, Viloshni Munien (Finance Team Leader) approached me to help her with whatever I could do.  Given that opportunity, I grabbed it and never looked back since then. I started sacrificing my lunch time to help with filing, sorting sheriff’s returns and statements. As time went by I was introduced to using a Computer and I have a N2 Certificate that I obtained at Swinton Campus.

Having a very supportive team behind me, everything went smoothly. In that year Daly gave me a chance by enrolling me in an excel course. I have since been up-skilled and now capture sheriffs and attorney invoices and Client Payments.

Through my perseverance, humbleness, upskilling and hungry to excel I am currently a Finance Administrator. It wasn’t easy but surrounded by a true family I have come this far.

What made me stay: I am still learning and Daly is like a college to me, I have to finish what I have started.




Dream, be humbled and be knowledge and power hungry.



In 2013 I started in Daly of which I had previous QA experience. I was then trained on all the books within the company and worked in the QA department. I was then afforded the opportunity of joining the admin department for a few months where I was moved to the Woolworths department. I reported to Renelle Sassman (Woolworths Team Leader). While I worked in the department I gained knowledge of the book and I got a chance to interact with the agents, this was something that I enjoyed. I was then given a chance by the company to be put on a learnership program where I did Business Administration NQF level 4. Wonderful experience. After a year and a half. I was then moved again, this time into the QA department where I was required to conduct Audits and coach staff. My experience in Daly was not easy at first. Being in my situation and being a reserved person, it was hard to get stuff done; as years went by I have learnt to break out of my shell. The people at Daly are always willing to assist where ever they could. In May 2017, I was requested to assist the Woolworths department and after a month Renelle Sassman needed an Administrator. She sent me for training and I was taught everything I needed to know which was how to deal with queries, how to interact with debtors and to meet client requirements. While being an administrator I was put on a learnership yet again for Contact Centre Operations NQF level 4. Yet again I got to gain more knowledge within the company.

As I said previously it was not easy being moved around but what made it easy was the friendly people who were always willing to assist. Being in Daly, I was afforded many opportunities to grow within the company and to experience different Learnership courses that were offered. The facilities and environment within Daly, capacities for people who are physically challenged hence I recommend people to apply for positions at Daly.


“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.”
“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”


“Take risks in your life… If you win, you may lead. If you lose, you may guide.”


Team Leader

My journey with Daly started 18 years ago on the 1st March 2001. I started working for Daly as an outbound agent working on a project called Unibank. I had never worked in Debt Collections before nor had I worked in such a big company with so many staff displaying so many different personalities and attitudes. My stress levels were through the roof but I knew that I was here for a reason and was going to make it to the top.

I worked as an agent for only one month and was awarded the Best of the Best Award for Excellent Customer Service. This was the best day as it was awarded to me by the director. My smile was bigger and shinier than the sun, my heart racing and nothing and nobody was going to dampen my spirit that day. My journey as an outbound agent didn’t last very long as I was later promoted to the Inbound Call Centre as a Customer Care Consultant. This was one step up the ladder for me and I knew that if I continued to work hard I would move closer to the top and achieve my goals.

Positions went up and interviews were scheduled and I made sure I never missed the opportunity to apply. My journey as a Customer Care Consultant had come to an end as the experience, knowledge and skill afforded to me whilst working in the Inbound Call Centre provided me with an opportunity to progress within the company as an Administrator. At this point the admin position awarded to me was the pivotal point of my journey. As the exposure within that department saw me achieve the following: Top Admin Clerk and I was awarded a Trip to Cape Town; Progression into the Supervisor Role due to career path and development, supported by excellent performance.

It is heartening to note that my efforts and performance thus far was noted by the business as a result of which I was given the opportunity to lend my expertise and experience to other facets of the business namely; my transition into the Inbound call Centre Department as a Supervisor.

My journey had only begun, as my performance of the various portfolios thus far had given me vast exposure to most if not all of the skills, knowledge and education required within the service industry. My skills levels, performance and dedication thus far was identified and acknowledged by the business and I was afforded the opportunity to benefit others and add value to the business by becoming a facilitator. My skills, knowledge and experience developed further. Amongst the skill I further acquired were Trainer / Facilitator/ Presenter. This resulted in an Induction video been compiled by me and utilized in Daly’s Training program.

Having done my tenor as a facilitator I grasp the opportunity to get back into main stream Call Centre to observe the skills imparted to others been applied. This position, in Management has been maintained since February 2011. Thus plotting my career path from the humble beginning from an agent to management.


“Never give up on something you believe in. When you have the courage to be yourself you’ll feel a freedom that you’ve never felt before. The right people will love the real, beautiful and creative person you are (quirks and all). Take a stand for authenticity and openness. Believe in yourself. To be yourself is to be free.”


I have been an employee at Daly for 18 years and my advice to the youth is that if you are looking for purpose, value, growth, motivation, support and an amazing culture, Daly is the place to be.


Team Leader

My Daly Journey began on the 3rd of October 2016 which was somehow a very challenging year for me as I had been without a job for a few months after my previous employer had retrenched its employees. I was interviewed by a lady named Sanika (Edcon Team Leader) and Gentlemen called Chris for a coach position in the EDCON department where I started working and since that day I have never looked back, I worked in EDCON for a year and was later transferred to the Woolworths department where I worked under Renelle Sassman (Woolworths Team Leader).

Being the type of person I am, who is always eager to learn and also to teach others what I have learnt, EduPower (Training Company) who are part of the Daly Group of Companies offered me a learnership opportunity which I took with both hands and was completed within a year. I have been so lucky that I was shortlisted for a Team Leader position in October 2018, I was interviewed and later bagged the position in the Foschini Department which I began active in December 2018. My first goal as a team leader was to build a solid and performance driven team which I am proud to say that I have accomplished and we have managed to grow from just 15 agents to now 43 agents in a space of  less than 8 months.

On the 12th of September 2019 I was offered another opportunity to study towards an NQF level 5 in Generic Management Qualification with the LYCEUM CORRESPONDENCE COLLEGE with all expenses paid and this to me is an opportunity of a life time and I accepted and will be starting in October and looking forward to completing in a years’ time.

Daly has been a great company to work for and I have been given many opportunities to improve my knowledge and become one of the best in the business and I will always be grateful for these opportunities.

What made me stay: There’s a lot I still need to accomplish and I believe that for as long as I am at Daly this is possible.


“Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day.”


Always stay true to your Identity and never let your past block you from having a bright future.